Events in Goa

One of the most remarkable features of life in Goa is its religious harmony. All communities, irrespective of their personal beliefs, celebrate all festivals with gusto. Most festivals in Goa are related to religious activities, and every village ‘jatra’, or feast, is celebrated with great pomp and gaiety.
The most famous is the Winter Carnival prior to Lent (February), when there is great fun & frolic, music & dancing, lasting for three days. All night dancing on the streets with specially designed costumes and masks ends in a frenzied finale, with Momo, the King of Darkness, leading a colourful procession through the town. Not to be missed.

Goa Tourism

Fun, feni, & palm fronds; sun, sand, sea spray & seafood; beaches, beaches & more beaches Goa, a little state with so much soul that your happiest holiday memories are probably going to be from here. Beach holiday paradise, honeymoon haven, family fun zone - Goa is different things to different people.